Internet Security Suites

Internet Security has evolved alongside antivirus software to protect us from more than just malicious code. With an ever connected world where the internet is a staple part of everyday life, it was only a matter of time before criminals began to adopt this medium and attempt to use it to invade our privacy and steal our information. From the most basic crawler programs which reports our interests to marketing companies, to the sinister identity theft programs which give criminals access to our personal information and financial details; Internet Security is designed to prevent any and all unauthorised attempts to access our information.

Whilst antivirus protects us against a myriad of threats to our computer systems, Internet Security has been developed to give us an extra layer of protection to our personal lives online. Often offered in tandem with antivirus software, Internet Security comprises of elements which make up what is often called an Internet Security Suite – a combination of protective measures.

Who Needs Internet Security?

Are you connected to the internet? Then you need Internet Security. From the most passive social users who check the news on their phone once a day, to those who work online and spend most of their lives on the World Wide Web - Internet Security is becoming one of the most important features of any online computer system. Stretching from smartphones to tablets, laptops to PCs; it is now imperative to give yourself a measure of safeguard against criminal and intrusive activities online. Online crime is still in its infancy compared to traditional fraud and identity theft – which makes it a more accessible platform for criminals who are looking for a low risk, high reward chance. As a result of this, the burden is on every person using the internet to ensure that we thwart these activities.

Outside of the criminal world, Internet Security can also be used to protect your system from unsavoury, if not dangerous, content online. Internet Security Suites often come with some form of parental control – affording us some assistance in protecting our children from the uncensored content of the internet.

Antivirus vs. Internet Security

Antivirus software is slowly becoming more like Internet Security and many providers now offer a combined package as standard. However there are some key differences between traditional antivirus protection and the modern Internet Security Suites. Antivirus programs have been designed to detect existing problems on a computer through scans, at which point the software will action a removal or quarantine on any malicious code. Internet Security acts as prevention rather than a cure, stopping unauthorised connections to your computer before they have chance to infiltrate. Common threats that Internet Security Suites have been developed to combat include;

Software which ‘spies’ on your activities online and records them – ranging from marketing and sales teams to criminals who want to pose as somebody else.

Software which uses information gathered about you to direct you towards targeted advertisements, often in a forceful and intrusive manner.

Spam is any form of communications which is sent indiscriminately to a large number of people, normally trying to sell products that most people are not interested in.

Online Attacks
From e-mail to the rise of social media and instant messaging, viruses can now be transmitted through a number of mediums online which Internet Security can stop

Features To Look For In Internet Security

Most antivirus providers now have a department dedicated to developing an Internet Security Suite, which means that every year we see innovative and exciting features to help protect us from online threats. Most Internet Security software comes with the basic features of antivirus and helps to protect against the more traditional threats, but they are also armed with a number of more advanced abilities.

Firewalls are one of the most important components of staying safe online, as they act as a gateway between your system and the internet; a point at which the software can examine any incoming connections for suspicious elements and deny it passage. On this front line protection, detection software also helps to eliminate the threat of key logging, invasion of viruses and any unwanted connections.